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Majesty Golf USA provides a Three-year warranty on its Majesty golf products for manufacturing and workmanship from the date of purchase. Maruman, non-Majesty products carry one year limited warranty. Any defects occurring during this period as a result of normal use will be repaired or replaced at the expense of Majesty Golf USA, Inc. Shipping charges incurred in the return of the damaged product will be the responsibility of the consumer. Return shipment requires a Return Authorization Number (RA#) which is requisite by contacting a Maruman America customer service representative.

The following conditions apply to this warranty: 1) The golf club must have been purchased from an authorized dealer of Majesty Golf USA, Inc. 2) The consumer must present proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. 3) Majesty Golf USA. reserves the right to inspect the club to determine if the golf club has been altered, mistreated, defaced, misused, or otherwise damaged through the actions of neglect of the consumer. Any findings supporting the mistreatment of the golf club will result in a forfeit of the warranty. 4) Any damage to the shaft is not the responsibility of Majesty Golf USA, Inc 5) This warranty applies only to the original club, meaning the replaced product will keep the original purchase date as the start date of warranty. 6) Any alteration made to club by any party other than Majesty Golf USA employee or bonafide contractor will result in a forfeit of the warranty. 7) No person besides Majesty Golf USA, Inc. management has the power to make changes to the terms of this warranty.

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